Zigmar (zigmar) wrote,

A note on a "social justice" movement.

As much as I dislike Bibi (and I dislike him and all his fellow likudniks scum very much, and have a good reasons for this) - the only good thing I can tell about him - that he is competent in economics, which is probably the only field he is competent in. He manged a very successful economic policy in recent years allowing all of us if not prosper, at least survive the recession without a scratch, which almost no other country did. And that even after all of the budgetary bribes to his religious allies. Of course, one of the reason why it worked it is because he didn't surrender into socialist swamp his opponents tries to pull us in and opted for a healthy working economy where people can work and earn, instead if being fed by inflated social security system witch can easily collapse an entire economy under it's weight (Greece/Spain anybody?). Not a very popular move, but his political opponents doing a dirty job leading a personalised attack on him with this "social justice movement", painting those thing as a negatives instead of positives (working economy vs welfare state) and driving unwashed masses in their political crusade against him under cheap populist banners ("we want more money!").

Even leaving the politics behind this movement aside, it's kinda hypocritical when economies in countries collapse one after another, but people here have decent jobs, have quite high standard of living (several millions of people fly for vocation abroad those holidays, for example, which is large chunk of population) and still go out and complain about price of cottage cheese and real estate in population centres.

As for Bibi itself, I don't like him as PM, but the only role he fits perfectly - is being in charge of finance sector under a competent PM. Unfortunately, if his opponents who lead this social justice movement of theirs, seize power, they will never go for such move as it would discredit the whole campaign, and I afraid they might make a sharp turn and start ruining the economy by implementing their ideas that might only sound good as long as it written on street banner, but in real live can plunge an economy into deep hole a-la Greece. Let's just hope it won't happen soon, at least not sooner the world recession passes a little bit.
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